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Digital Story Masters

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create trust if I am creating a new business or have a new product or service?


You need to very clear on what value you provide to your target group, and the story behind how you came to serve them. Your story is everything and will create the trust you need. 

Should I go outside my local market to find customers?


Today there is competition on your local market from anyone who understands how to work a global environment. You probably don´t even have a choice if you want to remain in business. This goes for any business any size and there is also lots of opportunity on the table.  If you have a highly specialized product or service, you will also have a larger target market if you choose to widen the geographical market and if you have a product suitable on every market the growth potential is enormous!

In what order should I create my digital branding profile?


Many people still think the homepage is the starting point of a building a personal brand. That is why so many webpages do not at all differentiate the product or service or invite others to trust and engage. Today there are templates for everything. But what do you do to stick out and let others understand who you can help with your products or services? How clear is your brand to you and your customers? Are you willing to try new and more effective communication methods?